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Since I updated. Hope you like the recent update. I really like the face, and the eyes.I hope to update more. :l I really enjoy to draw on the tablet. >_< I recently joined; It's really fun, and..a bit weird. xD Ahh, Life's been good, a bit troubling like usual. I been trying to look for a job, and do scholarships for school. Nothing yet. D< grrr~ Well, Let's all keep Fighting~ And working hard to strive for our dreams! <3 :D

Pretty Little Liars season finale today..It was so confusing. I can't believe "A" ran their car into Hannah!! poAKDopGAPOKG!! OMG. AND TOBY. ... so much..just mind-blowing. Btw; Is it true that Season 2 isn't going to be next year?! I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT THAT LONG. ;_; please don't say it is so.
Well, yes, im just left breathless after that episode. Now for some Ace of Cakes~ <3
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Too much has been happening too quick. It's already April! >_<
Time will pass us so quick. :c

my "graphic novel" scholarship is due on the 15th. only got 2&a half pages done. need at least 5. darn it all. :c

I want to draw my maplestory character. >_>
hmm, one day. c:
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